Mandatory Signs

A mandatory sign is a one of the main types of health and safety sign. A mandatory sign is safety sign that contains an instruction for a specific behaviour, for example “Eye Protection Must Be Worn”, or “Please Wash Your Hands”. A mandatory sign instructs and promotes behaviours to keep employees or the general public health and safety compliant.

Mandatory signs send a message to those entering a workplace or public environment. Mandatory signs not only instruct behaviours, but also enforce rules and regulations. Mandatory signs are considered the ‘must do’ signs, they are vital within workplaces and areas with public access to comply with health and safety regulations. “PPE Must Be Worn” is a great example of a mandatory sign that is a ‘must do’ sign throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mandatory signs are blue and must be placed in easily visible places for all to see. You can spot mandatory signs by looking for their white round pictogram on a blue background. Mandatory signs must be easily visible as they are used help instruct you on what you need to.

We use mandatory signs everywhere that we need to instruct or remind people of certain behaviours. For example, a “Please Sanitise Your Hands” hospital sign would let you know that you need to wash hands in that area.

Some examples of popular mandatory signs would be:

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