Prohibition Signs

KPCM Health & Safety provide a comprehensive range of prohibition signs and signage, ideal for use in commercial/industrial environments. If you are looking for safety prohibition signs to purchase online, you have come to the right place.

A prohibition sign is one of the main categories of health and safety signs. These signs are used to prevent and identify actions and/or behaviours that are not allowed based on rules and regulations of that specific area, or actions that could cause risk to the health and safety of bystanders.

Prohibition signs always send a clear message that actions in that area are not safe and/or not permitted. These signs are vital to having a safe and compliant workplace and ensuring the health and safety of both workers and the general public. Prohibition signs tell you or others what you shouldn’t be doing. They are often telling you to stop what you're doing or prevent what you are about to do.

Prohibition signs are red in colour, they can be identified by a black pictogram inside of a red circle on a white background. These health and safety signs are part of everyday life and are very recognisable to both employees and the general public.

Prohibition signs are used in places such as indoor areas where smoking is not permitted, or a no entry sign to prohibit entry to unauthorised persons. In a park or playground or other public areas you could use a prohibition sign such as a “No Dog Sign” to protect the health and safety of persons using the public facilities.

Some examples of popular prohibition signs would be:

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