Warning Signs

We have been offering warning signs businesses and industries for many years. All of the warning signs we offer meet current regulations to ensure you can keep your employees and any visitors safe.  We pride ourselves on both the quality and the high durability of our warning signs. With such as vast range of warning signs  to choose from including options such as ‘Warning Chemical Signs’ and ‘Warning Electric Signs’ we have something for everyone. When it comes to needing warning signs , be sure to shop online with KPCM Health & Safety.

Warning signs are one of the four main types of health and safety sign. A warning sign is a safety sign that informs people that there is a hazard or danger they need to be cautious of in the area, for example “Caution Mind Your Head Sign”. Warning signs keep employees or the general public out of harm’s way by making them aware of hazards.

A warning sign sends a message that there is something in the general vicinity that may be dangerous, and how to avoid it. Warning signs are necessary to keep compliant with health and safety regulations, without them if someone was injured on your premises you may be held liable. By having a “Caution Wet Floor Sign” you are pro-actively preventing people from falling and are covered if someone does unfortunately take a tumble.

A warning sign can be identified by its yellow colour, and black pictogram inside a triangle. Warning signs must be placed neared the hazardous object or area to be effective, so workers and the general public are aware of the nearby danger. They are one of the most common type of health and safety sign and most people would recognize them.

You should use a warning sign when you want to keep people informed of a known hazard nearby. An example of this would be using a “Strong Currents Sign” at the beach, this would let the public know it is dangerous to swim in that area of the ocean.

Some examples of popular warning signs would be:

Warning CTV In Operation Sign

Danger Electricity

Warning Clinical Waste Sign

Danger Hot Water Sign

Beware Bull In Field Sign


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